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Body Jewellery Shopping at Puss is easy. We meet all your body piercing jewellery needs. Our body jewellery shop has pages of body piercing jewellery and belly bars in steel, titanium, gold, black PVD titanium, UV, silver and more.

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We have thousands of designs to make your body piercing shine and shock in our body jewelry range. Puss dispatch all items over £10.00 free of charge the same day as ordered (during business hours). We have extensive body piercing advice and piercing information. Plus our body jewellery is of the high quality and really cheap!! We purchase our body piercing products from the leading manufacturers around the world to give you the opportunity to buy new and initiative body piercing jewellery. Plus coming soon is our community forum and piercing gallery. So if you have any stories or photos just email them to us and be one of the first on.

Our wide range of body jewelry include fashion belly bars, tongue body piercing jewellery, barbells, BCR's, titanium piercing jewelry, surgical steel body jewelry, eyebrow body piercing jewelry, facial labrets body piercing studs, nose studs, silver ended belly bars, solid gold belly bars and a vast range of other jewelry.

Puss Body Jewelry pride's itself on quality body piercing jewellery, competitive prices and prompt service to you our valued customers, who wish to buy in the comfort of your own home. We carry a wide range of sizes and colours in all our piercing products. Plus we specialise in all body piercing jewellery for your nipple piercing, tongue piercing and facial piercing. As well as holding one of the largest range of belly bars on the net, all discount piercing jewellery.

All our body jewelry is tested to comply with the EU Nickel Directive and our online catalogue is designed for ease of use for the customer. We welcome feedback of how we can make things better, bring you new body jewelry designs and improving our service and efficiency. So please feel free to email us with your ideas and suggestions.

Puss Jewellery also carries a large range of Licensed Products, such as Playboy Jewellery, Betty Boop Body Jewellery and Pink Panther Body Jewelry. Our Genuine Licensed Playboy Jewelry range consists of Playboy necklaces, Playboy bracelets, Playboy anklets and Playboy earrings. We also carry a selection of Playboy Watches. Many products carry the famous Playboy Bunny Head and all come in genuine Playboy hologram boxes. S ome items are in the 50th Anniversay boxes, celebrating 50 years of Playboy.
Betty Boop was created in the 1930's and her sexy character is modelled on Mae West, Mae Questal did her voice. There were more than 100 Betty Boop chartoons produced and our Betty Boop belly bars are in the style of many of the movies she was in, showing various poses and costumes. UV Betty Boop Tongue Bars and Belly Bars are also available.
Puss Jewellery carry a range of Pink Panther Body Jewelry with BCR's, facial labret studs, eyebrow bars and belly bars.
The Pinky Belly Bar range is based on Japanese comic characters and each one displays it's unique personality.

See our massive range of nipple jewellery, we are getting more nipple body jewellery in all the time for pierced nipples and non-pierced nipples. New products include Janet Jackson nipple jewelry, steel nipple body jewelry, nipple piercing jewellery in black, gold, coloured and polished titanium.
New in is our large range of silver fake nipple jewelry, know as nipple clips. We have taking many of our most popular designs in the pierced nipple jewellery section and made them available as non-pierced nipple body jewellery. Also now in is a range of silver ended nipple bars with double-ended designs such as lizards, snakes, words, dolphins and many more from Puss.

We have a full range of clear Retainers for nose piercing, tongue piercing, Madonna body piercing, eyebrow piercing, navel piercing and pregnancy bars. This is to hide your piercing when necessity requires and they can be worn in hospital as they do not contain metal.

As everyone is stretching their body piercing at the moment we have many new large gauge items like black tunnels, gold tunnels, clear plugs, large gauge body jewelry. Plus our great value Stretching Kits. New in are our Bone and Horn plugs, which come in a massive range of sizes and designs. Plus we have horn stretching claws and crescents.

Our new 2mm gem facial stud labrets for lip piercing are a fashion accessory for all the hip chicks. Tiny gem stones which sparkle discreetly, in a choice of 18ct gold & bioplast, titanium or sunshine gold titanium. Also gem, spike and plain facial studs for your Madonna Piercing.

We specialise in genital piercing jewellery providing body jewelry for Prince Albert Piercing and clit piercing. As people become more experimental with their body piercing we are keeping up with their desire for erotic body piercing. We stock various sizes of rings and bars for penis piercing and female genital piercing.

New belly bars now available with matching earrings in steel and silver designs. Plus with the huge success of our letter belly bars we have produced a matching letter necklace. We are getting new designs of novelty belly bars all the time adding to our already massive range of piercing jewellery, just ask for details.

We carry one of the largest ranges of belly bars available over the internet, holding all items in stock. This means you can receive your belly bar the next day from when you order. Our 925 silver ended belly bar range is very competitively priced, have worked closely with our manufacturer for many years we know the products are of an excellent standard. Unlike some of companies buying vast quantities of mass produced steel ended bars which are not made to last. We update our designs regularly with new lines in every few weeks. See our 9ct and 14ct Gold Piercing Jewellery, all with Swarovski stones.

For your tongue piercing we sell body piercing barbells, gem barbells, novelty tongue bars. Also we have a large range of uv tongue bars in wacky designs like pill tops, spaceships and stripy balls. Unfortunately tongue piercing is not acceptable in all situations so we stock clear tongue retainers and clear barbell retainers.

Along with our growing range of tradition earrings, unisex gold ear studs (earrings for men) and new silver hoop word earrings we now stock body jewellery for your Tragus, Auricle and Pinna Piercing. A fantastic new design of cheap body jewellery specifically designed for this style of piercing are now available.

New designs of nose studs are now available in Sunshine Gold and Midnight Black. Plus many steel nose studs now in.

New Designs
Belly Bars | Nipple Jewellery

Steel 316L Piercing Jewellery
Belly Bar
| Labret Piercing Stud | Tongue Bar | Large Gauge Flesh Tunnels | Tragus Piercing Jewellery | Prince Albert Jewellery

Titanium Body Piercing Jewellery
Belly Bar
| Labret Piercing Stud | Nipple Bar | Tongue Piercing Bar | Prince Albert Piercing Ring | Tragus Piercing Jewellery

Midnight Black Body Jewellery
Belly Bar | Labret Piercing Stud | Nipple Bar | Tongue Piercing Bar | Tragus Body Piercing Jewelry | Large Gauge PVD Body Jewellery

Sunshine Gold Titanium Body Jewellery
Gold Titanium Belly Bar | Gold Titanium Belly Rings | Gold Titanium Labret Piercing Stud | Gold Titanium Jewelled Madonna Stud | Gold Titanium Nipple Ring | Gold Titanium Nipple Bar | Gold Titanium Tongue Bar | Gold Titanium Tragus Piercing Jewellery

Gold Body Piercing Jewellery
Belly Bar
| Tongue Bar | Nipple Bar | Nipple Shield | Tragus Piercing Jewelry

925 Silver & Steel Piercing Jewelry
| Belly Bar | Nipple Shields | Nipple Jewellery | Fake Nipple Piercing Jewelry | Tongue Bar

Belly Bar
Letter Belly Bar | Gold Plated Belly Bar| Gem Belly Bar

Piercing Retainers
Pregnancy Bar
| Tongue Retainer | Labret Retainer | Eyebrow Retainer | Ear Stretching Plugs

Betty Boop Body Jewellery
Belly Bar
| Tongue Bar

Playboy Jewellery
Playboy Necklace Jewellery
| Playboy Bracelet Jewellery | Playboy Earrings Jewellery | Playboy Anklet Jewellery | Playboy Jewellery Pendant

925 Silver Jewellery
Back Belly Chain | Hoop Earrings

Horn & Bone Ear Plugs

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